Achieving Your Goals

See The Big Picture

To make the best decisions, you need to see your entire financial picture. That’s why when you collaborate with Adam R. Rosenberg &. Company, you receive more than tax preparation and accounting services. By assessing all the elements that affect your personal and business financial life, you can focus on what matters most to you.

Often making the biggest difference is made by a simple change. We can help you find the best solutions that add to your financial well-being.

How do I reduce my tax liability?

We’ve all heard the saying you can’t avoid death and taxes. However, there are ways to minimize your tax liability in the process of saving for your retirement and protecting assets.

How can I preserve my wealth?

There are many strategies to preserve your wealth. It may start with financial planning for retirement and establishing an estate plan. By assessing both your personal and financial assets, together we can find the right balance of what you need for today and tomorrow.

How can I operate my business more efficiently?

Your P&L provides one window into your overall business operations. However, we’ve found that operational efficiency goes beyond the numbers. We can share the lessons we’ve learned by helping other small- and medium-sized businesses over the last 30 years.

How do I increase my bottom line?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. We can provide an objective assessment of your P&L so you can better understand your expenses and identify cost-efficient alternatives.

How do I increase my top line?

The success and longevity of any business is defined by how they grow sales and add revenue streams. By evaluating what contributes to your top line, we can find ways for sustainable growth.

Will my family have enough after I’m gone?

Providing for your family — whether through an estate plan, retirement funding or business succession planning — requires a comprehensive review of your personal and business assets. We can help you each step of the way, including solutions that leave a cherished legacy.

Will I outlive my money?

Worrying about the future can rob you of enjoying your today. This is one of the many reasons why planning is so important. We can help you assess the value of your assets, evaluate and build on your savings habits, and project how much money you’ll need for the lifestyle you most desire.

Is my business legacy plan sound?

A solid succession plan ensures that you and your family are supported once you transition out of or sell your business. Adam R. Rosenberg & Company can help you evaluate the various aspects of your exit strategy, including entity structure, insurance options, business valuation, employee training, and other operational aspects so you can enjoy the fruits of your success.

What makes us different?

With a holistic view of your personal and business finances, we can help you create a clear vision and a robust financial plan. Whether its improving profitability through controlled cash flow or increased revenue or setting up your finances for the long-term, you are at the center of what we do. Together we’ll uncover strategies that achieve your specific goals within timeframes that make sense.

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“We have been a client  for a number of years and have used them to prepare our personal, business and rental property returns. We love the personal service, friendly office and the fact that they are proactive. We have used large and mid sized firms in the past and have found that Adam is much more thorough and caught many errors previously made by the larger firms. We would highly recommend this accounting firm.” 

~ Anna M. 

“I have been a client of Adams for over 10 years. The firm handles the accounting for 2 of my businesses as well as my personal return.  Over the years I have referred several people to Adam, all of them giving rave reviews to Adam and his team.”

~ Andrew N. 

“A+ Service. As a new business owner, I was a bit clueless and frustrated dealing with taxes. Rosenberg made everything simple and put me on the right path to success. Life’s good!”

~ Jessie O.